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Biswas Imports is one of the reputed reconditioned and brand-new car importers in Bangladesh. We usually import both Japanese and European cars and based on the client’s requirements sometimes we also import Korean cars. We are conducting our business for a long time without any bad reputation, and customers believe in our cars and after-sales services commitment.

Not only individual clients we also connected with some of our corporate clients from the different business sectors in Bangladesh. Some of them are private companies and some are from government projects. We provide payment installment services through the bank and finance company for our clients.


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Get your car directly imported from Japan.


Get your car directly imported from Japan.

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We ensure you the facility of pre-ordering Japanese and European cars.


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We always believe in the quality of care and commitment. We have more than 1000 clients and they are always happy about our services. They trust us and we keep our commitment strongly.

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We provide a variety of cars for our clients. We not only sell Japanese cars but also have European and Korean cars from where clients can choose their favorite dream cars. Such as Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki, Etc.

Service & Maintainence

We provide a variety of cars for our clients. We not only sell Japanese cars but also have European and Korean cars from where clients can choose their favorite dream cars. Such as Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki, Etc.

Wide Rang of Brands

We provide a variety of cars for our clients. We not only sell Japanese cars but also have European and Korean cars from where clients can choose their favorite dream cars. Such as Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki, Etc.

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With many years of experience, we’ve a team of highly skilled professionals to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

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car service near us?

When it comes to your vehicle’s well-being, trust is paramount. We have established ourselves as a dependable partner for all your automotive requirements. With a team of experienced professionals, we are committed to providing high-quality service, precise craftsmanship, and a smooth experience for every vehicle that enters our workshop.

We now provide home or on-road services for every model of the car throughout Bangladesh. You can either pre-book or call immediately for emergencies. Our trained professionals will assist with care and proficiency.

Emergency Service

Get your ride steering and tires checked by the wheel alignment and balancing experts at an affordable cost today! Biswas Automobiles BD offers premium wheel alignment service, balancing, and tire services for all vehicle types.

Computerized Wheel Alignment

Biswas Automobiles leads here with rich technical competencies across 100+ models from 20+ global brands. Our diagnostic capabilities and evaluation rigor surpass neighborhood garages or amateur inspectors.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Computerized car diagnostic services offer quick and precise problem-solving for your vehicle. Using advanced technology, these services swiftly identify issues by connecting to your car’s computer systems, ensuring efficient and accurate repairs, ultimately saving you time and money.

Computerized Diagnostic

Elevate your car’s performance and longevity with our Car General Service, performed by our skilled and experienced technicians. We treat your vehicle with the expert care it needs to keep you driving smoothly. Trust us to give your car the expert touch it deserves. Drive with confidence, drive with us.

General Service

We are experts in hybrid car service, with a team of highly trained technicians who excel in maintaining, repairing, and enhancing the performance of hybrid vehicles. With a deep understanding of hybrid technology and a commitment to eco-friendly solutions, we ensure your hybrid car runs at its best.

Hybrid Car Service

Experienced technicians use advanced diagnostics and genuine parts to cater to the unique needs of these luxury and performance vehicles, offering owners peace of mind and preserving their investment.

European Car Care

Car AC service is essential for maintaining a comfortable and efficient cooling system in your vehicle. It includes tasks like refrigerant recharging, filter replacement, leak detection, and general maintenance to keep your car’s interior pleasantly cool, especially in warm weather.

Car AC service

Stop in for Brake Service: Your Safety, Our Priority. Trust our expert technicians to ensure your vehicle’s brakes are in top-notch condition. Our comprehensive brake service includes inspections, repairs, and replacements, providing you with the peace of mind you need for a safe and smooth ride.

Brake Service

Gearbox repair is the expert solution for resolving transmission issues in vehicles or machinery. Highly trained technicians diagnose and rectify problems like gear slipping, abnormal noises, and fluid leaks, ensuring optimal performance and extending the life of the equipment.

Gearbox Repair

Car periodic maintenance is the regular care and attention your vehicle needs to keep it running smoothly and safely. This includes tasks like oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, and fluid checks to ensure your car’s optimal performance and longevity.

Periodic Maintenance

A car’s engine noise detector is a device designed to monitor and analyze the sounds produced by a vehicle’s engine. It helps identify unusual or potentially problematic noises, providing valuable insights to drivers and mechanics for early detection and maintenance, ensuring smoother and safer operation.

Car Sound Scope

Getting trusted car engine service in Dhaka requires trust and expertise for peak performance across models. Biswas Automobiles offers reliable car engine repair services handling everything from minor tune-ups, oil changes to major engine overhauls.

Engine Service

Experience a smoother, more comfortable ride with our expert car suspension solutions. We ensure your vehicle’s suspension is in top-notch condition for ultimate performance and safety. Don’t be late! It’s Your Car!

Suspension Work

Get professional car wash and polish services in Dhaka, Bangladesh from industry experts Biswas Automobiles BD. We offer complete car polish in Bangladesh, car polish Dhaka using advanced equipment and international techniques for showroom-level shine every time.

Car Wash and Polish

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